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Doug Aitken invites to a world of sound and images for first solo exhibition in Finland

“What does it mean today to be an individual? Where is humanity heading? I am interested in such basic questions,” says Doug Aitken. In his work, he examines the impact of technology on the individual and society, the increasing mobility of information and people, and coping with everyday life in a rapidly changing world.

“We are living in a new era of complete networking, where grid space is perceived as almost equal to the physical landscape. This unreal change in the development of culture takes us to an unfamiliar territory whose rules we do not yet master. The works in the exhibition question possible developments, the way we operate in an increasingly fast-moving and changing world, and the ways in which we can face the future. ”

The artist's first solo exhibition in Finland features a selection of works that shed light on the artist's diverse production. Among other things, there is a large video installation and sculptures from the last ten years.

Song 1

Kiasma's 5th floor will be taken over by Aitken's large video work SONG 1, 2012/2015. It is presented on a circular, double-sided screen within which viewers can move. The starting point of the work is the 1934 Iskelmä I only have eyes for you.

Aitken asked dozens of musicians to make their own version of the song. The song is performed in everyday environments such as a night parking lot, highway, factory and cafe.

“The work has no beginning and no end,” Aitken says. "The viewer decides for himself how long he wants to watch it."

Aitken’s works have been described as hypnotic and dreamy - when immersed in them, one may forget time and place. The artist himself hopes that the encounter with the work will be empowering: the viewer can take what he wants with art and make his own experience.

For more information, visit Kiasma.