“Fossils fascinate me – they’re like time capsules; if only one could unwind this spiral it would probably play back to us a picture of all the landscapes it’s ever seen” - J.G. Ballard, Prisoner of the Coral Deep, 1964

To coincide with our exhibition Liminal Lands by Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Outernet Arts is pleased to present Ammonite by Disinformation.

Ammonite is a 15 minute long “video organism”, which uses standard definition domestic TV and video equipment, in conjunction with a 632.8nm helium-neon research laser, to create a minutely-tuned and hypnotic visual feedback loop – a kinetic artwork, in which emergent form self-organises into the image of a gently pulsing and apparently living organism. The installation is created by the electronic music and art project Disinformation. Ammonite appears, at first glance, to be filmed in black-and-white, but is in fact realised in colour. The spiral is both a form of and metaphor for biological evolution.

Video, DV colour PAL, 15 minutes
copyright © Disinformation 2009
Artwork realised by Joe Banks, with special thanks to Barry Hale